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The 1 2 3
Antique, the generation one destruction stroke
Contemporary, the generation two ET conditional stroke
Modern, the generation three PH green precision stroke
一代 远古僵尸毁灭性击球技法,依赖人直立以后固有的投掷习惯,利用惯性挥动球拍,以球拍撞击球体,实际是破坏行为
二代 改进型击球技法,人体形成自平衡体,无挥臂,利用韧体技术,基于负载方式完成击球,提高击球效率,减小破坏
三代 绿色渐进发力击球技法,人体形成自平衡体,衍生于母体的独立发力机制,高效无损精准性击球技法

Current badminton products are durable enough while players misuse the products. A racing
shuttlecock is a perfect art work made of goose feathers all from either left or right wings:
1. the streamline shape make it fly straight at a speed consistently
2. the natural spiral structure make it rotate with speed, stabilize the straight flight trajectory
3. the (compact) fluff brakes it instantly when the spin speed reaches its maximum speed
A first-grade feather shuttlecock float constancy and brake instancy
An instant braking thanks to both the spiral structure and the fluff. A badminton feather
shuttlecock is not a ball but a bird that can float constantly and brake instantly, horizontal
speed to zero instantly and smoothly, in a container filled with air. A first-grade or tournament
badminton feather shuttlecock is able to float straight flight trajectory more than 30 meters.

1. 流线型可以匀速飞行
2. 螺旋体随飞行速度增加而自传加快,平稳飞行轨迹
3. 紧密排列绒毛在速度达到峰值时刻瞬间平稳制动

所以羽毛球可以高速匀速滑行和终端瞬间制动,而远古僵尸击球完全是破坏行为 滥用现代羽毛球制品


Badminton stroke technique
Gen. 1 passive -> collision -> damage (spontaneously zombie)
Gen. 1.1 active -> collision and/or load based (shot thickness)
  active collision -> damage
  active load based -> high efficiency
Gen. 2 active with shot thickness -> load based (conditional)
Gen. 3 active -> load (progressive) max efficiency (native & green)

passive vs active
passive -> none explosive, two beats, flight direction narrow range
active -> explosive, single beat, flight direction wide range
collision vs load
collision based -> damaged, power by momentum
load based -> mass energy transferred

Racket weight
passive: heavy racket
active + collision: heavy
active + collision + load: heavy or balanced
active + load: balanced
progressive: balanced or light

Birdie damage beneficial to heavy racket (racket to birdie relative weight proportion increases with damage)
Birdie damage -> weight moving away from head -> resistance -> sensitivity lost -> slow flight pace -> visual deception
Birdie damage ->  beneficial to collision based (energy consumption & human interference becoming none significant)
Birdie damage ->  unfavorable to load based (load increase exponentially)

passive -> has to be collision -> unable to handle birdie when with vertical speed or birdie with correct sensitivity
active + collision -> low efficiency (damage, limited energy transferred)
active + load -> high efficiency (damage conditional, mass energy transferred)
progressive -> max efficiency (green, energy = load required)

collision --- anyone six million years ago can do, anyone whenever how exhausted able to produce momentum, totally garbage technique relying on "birdie's none floating"
passive -> active --- easy adjust
collision -> load --- easy training
progressive --- hard work

Contact time birdie & racket & energy transferred to birdie:
progressive -> explosive force -> least time -> max transferred
active load -> explosive force -> less time -> more transferred
active collision -> explosive force -> more time (strings much deformed) -> limited transferred
passive -> none explosive -> most time (strings much deformed) -> limited transferred

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尸横遍野 一地鸡毛 论传统远古一代僵尸击球大法
It is the year 2021, a highly civilized modern world, it seems to have returned to an ancient arena on the
badminton court except the modern gears and exquisite shuttlecocks. Even it is incredible, but it is truth that
the modern human players still bat the delicate feather shuttlecocks with one thousand years old antique stroke
technique. There are about 200 million people that are playing badminton.

人类文明史从没有这样一件蠢事有如此规模 千斤重力击打一个只有5克的精美制品,人类真的如此无能么?

Badminton fully represents the stupidity and ignorance of mankind
Even ignorance couldn’t mask the truth that a badminton feather shuttlecock has become a zero-lifetime product.
There is no such thing as a stupid thing in this scale in the history of human civilization than playing
badminton. In the smallest sports field,players are competing madly to destroy the primary match supply, the
receptor. The shuttlecock is changing by every bat. The difference between tattered badminton shuttlecocks is
100 times greater than the difference between volleyball and football or basketball. Why is that the right
technique? What is the sense to destroy a valued product?

Corpse Player (Feather shuttle terminator)
A Corpse or zombie player is a badminton player that bats a shuttlecock like a ball (the same way as to bat a
ball). A zombie is a fictional undead being without brain or cerebrum but lives with cerebellum. A corpse player
bats and damages feather shuttlecocks. An adapt stroke has to be utilized making up the damaging by its
predecessor in line with the static badminton racket and court, until 100 percent aerobic stamina madly utilized.

一个破坏羽毛球的击球何以能成为技术呢?何以能够有准确可言呢? 这不是最简单的智商问题么。羽毛球紧凑排列的绒毛
都用上的。当球被破坏,重心远离球头,灵敏度丧失,末端阻凝破坏,球飞的如炮弹,但飞行末端长时间无法制动 掉头,
滞留 所以球手只要疯跑就能打到球,严重损害人体,特别是关节。一个烂球,无论多么被动,随便掉到网袋上,


Badminton competition has no ornamental value at all
A feather birdie is not a ball, racket head surface has to be vertical to the shuttlecock or at a reasonable
angle. The stupidity can last because a-not-being-destroyed shuttlecock with the same characteristics does not
exist in contemporary human society. The players have turned the birdie to a ball (enter of gravity moving
towards the bottom) to suit their zombie strokes.They bat forward instead lift, stupidly send the birdie head
to face their opponents to attack themselves, instead face the ground.

Badminton athletics must be a badminton shuttlecock (flight speed and accuracy) oriented game, rather than
the behavior of the human athletes. Zombie throw destroys shuttlecock float constancy, worst of all, the
instant braking won’t happen. The snail-paced competition completely loses meaning, but for mad zombie player
self-injuries.The players act like buffoons, run madly to chase the severely visual deception shuttlecocks.
The spiral structure damaged, worst strokes make compact fluff unrecoverable loose, worse strokes make the fluff
unrecoverable crumple and messy, the braking happens from the beginning instead instant braking, slowing down
the pace. The badminton competition is fully a zombie fight relying on visual deception. The visual deception
of both the zombie throw and damaged shuttlecocks stupid fast (anomalous) flight is harmful, mad strokes are
leading to permanent injuries of knees, ligament, shoulder, elbow, and even eye.


Active stroke:
The racket head goes to the target directly. The head going backward has to happen no later than the LEGAL (final)
Future Batting Point predicted.

An active stroke is a player strike with the racket directly to the final future Batting Point. An active stroke racket head has
only rotation speed with racket handle as axis (The racket handle is stationary relative to the body). Active stroke is
point-to-point while passive is to direction. An active smash shuttlecock head touch the ground while passive stop in the air
unless smash half court and player behind the birdie.

Passive stroke:
The racket is still bound (hold) by the player's hand when predicted LEGAL Future Batting Point emerged. The racket
forced to go backward first before able to strike.

Passive stroke severely damage the shuttlecock floating slow down pace and create visual deception, using ping pang
room space. A passive stroke is typically a flat stroke while active can go big angles.

主动击球:大脑生成最终击球点以后 拍头直接打到击球点。主动击球为爆发力,拍头速度只有转速,没有平动速度。

被动击球:大脑生成最终击球点以后 拍头首先后退,然后折返 并回到击球点。被动击球因为在短时间包含2个行为,

The generation one destruction stroke
***The fact that one mad bat hand-grabbing-handle-firmly totally destroys the feather birdie floating
***The fact that antique destruction stroke has to bat the birdie static in the air (no vertical speed)
***The fact that antique destruction stroke saves energy by damage (less energy for collision stroke, slow pace)
***The antique zombie players play by sabotage to prevent birdie can be stroked to higher so birdie be static in the air,
      to prevent birdie to be sensitive so precision becomes a joke

No doubt, any one will do the same stroke ever since our ancestors walking upright at least six million years if he or
she has chance to play badminton. It is the talent that our ancestors had to have to face the ferocious beasts.
We all still have the talent today when we have a temper. We can do better to control the temper.

The player has to grab the racket firmly when punching, inhibiting the vibration of the badminton strings caused by collision,
thus damaging the feather shuttlecock. The worst players are those powerful players grasping the racket handle tightest
when exaggerate the habit, in which cause maximum damages to the float ability of badminton shuttlecock flight.
The generation one destruction stroke damage the compact arrangement of the fluff.

被动击球根本不需要什么技术,任何会扔石头的都会, 只要打一定时期都会熟练掌握,人类直立行走以后任何人都可以练就
而且无论多么疲惫 都可以使用出来 越累 动作越大 越依赖冲量 越打越蠢

The benefit of the destruction - The stupid love story
The destruction is the leading reason to the the stupidity of modern human badminton players because of human weakness
- take convenience. The destruction can change the modern birdie so it can fly impossible flights like UFOs,
thus players can play like their ancient ancestors. Players take it granted and pay no attention to their zombie destruction.

Passive stroke is two beats, active stroke is one beat! How difficult to sense it for a normal human being? Quite easy if
the human's brain is not rusty. Two beats stroke can never be powerful enough, or accurate enough! How useful for
a normal human being to practice for 20 years? Useless except spent a big money and made their brains rusty.

被动击球一定时间以后 练习就没有用处了 无论20年还是50年 白白浪费银子 被动击球永远没有进步 除非首先变为主动击球。
最烂的球手就是破坏漂浮性最大的,也就是力气大的被动击球手,挥臂越大 漂浮性破坏越大 球飞行越怪异 越UFO。
主动击球破坏性不同于被动击球 破坏性小了很多 也就是漂浮性破坏的比较慢。因为球的可破坏性,技术好的选手很难战胜
体能强的大挥臂球手。还有一部分球手连全身都用来产生冲量 一拍球就完全不飞了 因为大众羽球的无知和愚蠢 他/她们很难
被辨别出来 羽毛球不仅是球手的愚蠢和无知 观众也是同样的 但都很自信 基本都会夸大自身的球技和见解 无论啥水平
都爱好指引别人 教练球技不如学生的比比皆是 烂球产生的伪技术都奉为精彩 越烂越精彩 丑态百出变为精彩集锦

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Players stroke from as high as possible. The batting point has to be the maximum height:
player's height - length of head and neck + length of arm + length of racket (+ jump height)
If the player inclined, when the shoulder is at the highest place, it will be the best.

主动击球可以高角度地直接把球打到地面上 非常难防范 即便打到对手的脚前:杀球和高远击球点高度是可达的最高点
球手身高 - 脖子和头长度 + 臂长 + 球拍长度 (+ 起跳净高度)

平抽就是伪技术 完全的破坏羽毛球漂浮性行为 绒毛紧密性破坏,无法形成一定自传速度 球就无法直线飞行。

主动击球的专业选手主要是单打运动员,大部分中国国家队男单,亚洲部分男单 而双打大部分都是大挥臂,欧洲
大部分也是挥臂 Peter Gade算是很稀有的,Viktor Axelsen也算,但水准很低。男单或者女单挥臂的被动击球根本

加拿大最早出现的羽毛球专业球馆是Mandarin和Lee‘s 学球的很少 但还是培养出了李文珊,丹麦Tine Baun退役以后
李文珊成为非亚洲球手世界第一,但很难进到亚洲前100. 所以世界羽联进行操纵,李文珊非法取得三次加拿大公开赛
冠军和一次英联邦运动会冠军。当俱乐部越来越多 学球的大量涌现以后的十多年,一个都没有培养出来。如果李文珊
有一年团体赛李文珊没去,其他人自费去的,看了几眼加拿大对印度,Saina Nehwal的杀球杀到地面很久以后,加拿大
的选手还在发呆,一点反应都没有。加拿大家长花再多的银子 球手甚至连亚洲来的完全没有训练的教练都打不过。

最近一次比赛 750级别丹麦公开赛男单居然只有一位会打球的 也就是主动击球的球手 台湾周天成 不是傻瓜的都可以
看看周天成那个蠢货 如果周天成的水平是俱乐部的房顶的话 其他选手都没有超过网高的 周天成还要打输,蠢不蠢呢

加拿大的青少年很多从U11就开始打球,使用成人拍子 成人场地 为了赢球 只有靠冲量 大挥臂 没后期改造 全部报废。

一等鹅毛球价格猛涨 训练费用猛增 金钱更多的流入了少数人口袋 羽毛球专业选手水平全球大面积倒退,现役的全部
不如退役的或者老的。而中国依赖李宁捆绑中国国家队,加上她的体校体制 基本维持了其水平 所以如日中天。
2010 2011 2012 中国包揽全部5金,2012奥运会因为女双消极比赛 李玲蔚乘机夺权 李永波失势成为傀儡。李玲蔚为了
巩固自己权力 出让金牌 大门为世界选手打开。2013年开始操纵 由几乎全是过去的奥运冠军和世界冠军 著名运动员 现在的
等一大批 几乎所有亚洲一流水平的球员参与了假打。

世界羽联最烂的球手就是台湾的戴资颖 完全的古代大挥臂技法 击球时候胳膊都是弯的 完全靠把球打坏 依赖错觉。
靠着超级赛操纵打到世界第一 但从来没有被犒赏过大赛成绩。李玲蔚和王莲香虽然现在可耻,可她们球技都是最佳的,
看看视频一目了然。南韩的双打Lee Yong Dae, Kim Gi Jung, Yoo Yeon Seong and Choi Solgyu都是大挥臂被动击球,

中国一家独大 2016年奥运会5个项目已经绝对优势 女单和男双占据前2名,其他前3-5名。2016年奥运以后 大部分选手都是
黄金期退役。目前世界男单前十几乎都是中国人,和林丹相比都很平庸 唯一有超越林丹潜力的是陆光祖。

Air Space 羽毛球竞技空间
球短暂滞留空中,然后转体, 球头朝下,笔直降落
1. 球头必须朝下,不给对手进攻自己的机会
2. 越高,球降落到击球点的时候速度越快
3. 越高,击球角度越大,水平误差越小 也就是越精准 高到一定程度 球掉下来基本砸到底线或者边角
4. 越精准 对手可回球位置越远离球网 这个连白痴都懂

目前球手无论专业 业余 主动 被动 都是往前打 高的也是中间高的弧线球 因为击球效率不足百分之一 大量能量用来抗拒
大自然 破坏羽毛球 都是鸡窝高度的平飞球 帮助对手进攻自己 这也是远古一代球手大量占据世界羽联的原因。

大挥臂只适于击打静止于空中的球 也就是只有水平速度 没有垂直速度的球 特别的他/她们一定得在羽毛球的后面
无法打头顶或者背后球,其实根本就不会打羽毛球 除非对手帮助他她们



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Badminton players have no idea that all strokes are actually unique, no matter smash or high clear, stroke from
low or high, even though all need training separately. Simply the stroke can be divided by:
1. fore hand from high
2. fore hand from low
3. backhand

The fore hand is much used, then the fore hand from low, but both of 2. and 3. far more difficult to acquire.
All the strokes are equally important.

Fore hand from high
Whenever the back side of the shoulder utilized. Not necessarily from high, e.g. when a player inclines
to low shoulder to serve to high.

1. 上手击球
2. 下手击球
3. 反手击球
林丹后期还修正了反手 完全就是母鸡下蛋


Generation one is the inherent habit passive stroke whenever big muscles forced to be utilized, because racket becomes
part of the human body.

所以严格定义是大肌肉必须参与的行为。陶菲克反手击球可以完全不用挥背 只用拇指那也叫反手击球么?  打苍蝇用的么

专业选手都是大铲雪 无论多么小的一个小调, 搞得跟电影里面超人马上要就义一样,李宗伟 桃田的愚蠢的急促吊球,
王仪涵的反手一顿 都还被当成样板 因为他她们跑的速度快 烂球有时间去被动大挥臂 根本无法缓慢以匀加速度加速球拍
无论飞的多块,一定是落在界内,球因重心后移,长时间球头无法朝下,只要搓球 球无限翻滚,无论技术好坏,球烂到
一定程度,完全没有灵敏度 用重拍头的拍子都可以把球调到网带上 球很难远离球网 这也是为什么球手全是用烂球练习
网前小球,网前小球也不破坏球,用一等全新鹅毛球练小球无法遮羞 无法自欺欺人

反重力飞行  anti-gravity flight

羽毛球竞技要求羽毛球以高角度反重力飞行30米, 传统球手能做到么?做到也没有用处, 超过10米球就被严重破坏了,

Can generation one destruction bat anti-gravity flight far enough?
It really doesn't matter to the generation one players. They damage the first-grade birdies first by suicide or even no
need to damage when they play inferior birdies. They take the convenience and bat the birdie flat. Or they never
have a chance to play the modern product. The point is why they need the modern product or first grade birdie?
It is totally a waste.

Human cannot do what machine can do
A machine can shoot
a) smooth-bore which human cannot do
b) resilient steel plate with one end tightened which human can do
No matter a) or b), a machine always has one speed. The resilient style has only rotating speed

There is no interference machine stroke
The human player is moving all the time while machine is secured. For the resilient style, there can be two type
acceleration: collision and stamina. For collision, the weight of the racket head plays important role while the
stamina relies on the base or the supporter - the machine is secured or the human body. Generation one players
speed the birdie with only collision. So they have to use heavy or head heavy racket if they play serious matches.
The stamina is load-based acceleration. When the power transferred equal to the load required, it becomes
progressive stroke.

Any machine shoot actively while almost all human players stroke passively. Limited players only forehand stroke
actively with conditions. Besides, human players grab the racket, there is interference. To stroke actively can be
categorized to generation 1.1

What if generation one destruction bat anti-gravity flight?
Based on what I observed, generation one destruction stroke has no chance to do the anti-gravity flights. I asked
2 best players to test. For brand new first grade, they either bat the birdie to the roof on the net or to out of the
bottom line. They have no chance to stroke the birdie to the roof on the bottom line, 2-3 meters shorter. If birdies
damaged, can go further. All generation one players formed the habit to bat flat so they have to damage. That is
why they have become zombies.

Generation one destruction collision-based stroke cannot transfer enough power to the birdie. But once birdies
damaged, the collision-based stroke can make them go faster the initial speed. The load-based acceleration then
need more power transferred. So the more damage to the birdie, the more beneficial to the collision-based,
worse to the load-based. Limited players mostly stroke both collision-based and load-based. If there is generation
two player, he or she has to be good enough if stroke only load-based.

就是碰撞,而把手放入水里以后 有负载以后滑动才是负载加力,游泳就是渐进发力 - progressive accelerate

也就是大能量传输到羽毛球的能量足够抵达目的地的时候,成为渐进发力 progressive stroke。小挥臂和被动击球根本
无法传输大能量mass power。


Definition Hitting a shuttlecock: Only when the shuttlecock becomes a free object in the air, the player’s brain or
Cerebrum obtains status of the shuttlecock through the eyes first, then analyses, predicts the possible Future Batting
Point and instructs the player’s hitting system through the nervous system. Then the player finishes the batting.
The possible Future Batting Point would not exist if the shuttlecock is in a player’s hand or on the ground.

之手的前提下 击球手才会完成最终一击。因为大脑被小脑取代,所以传统球手白痴般的一代代的传承违例的僵尸反手
击球。林丹,李宗伟,Peter Gade等等等都是违例的僵尸反手发球。僵尸反手发球肩膀平行球网 闭眼就可以发,持球
的位置是在大脑屏蔽以前。视频因为frame rate标准的限制 无法捕捉

The God’s Will
When a bug is on the wall, you pat it. You can also prick too with a knife. When the bug is on your leg, you pat too.
But will you prick too with a knife? It’s the God’s Will that you will never do it if you are a human having a brain and
a functioning nerve system.

Hitting a shuttlecock: Only when the shuttlecock becomes a free object in the air, the player’s brain or cerebrum
obtains status of the shuttlecock through the eyes first, then analyses, predicts the possible Future Batting Point and
instructs the player’s hitting system through the nervous system. Then the player has to throw a stone first to create
the necessary momentum (for the balance), and then strike, and then lose body balance and then adjust body. The
player’s eyes and brain are obsessed until the shuttlecock is batted.


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论传统远古一代僵尸击球大法 双打传统球手的坟场

Players divided by singles and doubles?
"I am doubles player!" That is totally nonsense, the fig leaf. There are only player and inferior player. Doubles is
cemetery of badminton players. Without the illegal zombie backhand serve and the double bottom service line,
the games barely can be initiated. They really play doubles? The antique zombie players playing doubles? If they
know the truth, they won't be ignorant. Perhaps 10 pairs in Canada playing doubles, how about all the rest? They
are four singles players playing in one chicken house playing singles with a name of doubles. They intrude and
interference instead of cooperate to boost the Yonex and Li Ning racket sale. How can the zombie cooperate when
their brains obsessed by their zombie actions? Better players use none unique stroke so they can raise their rackets
waiting their zombie opponent to send the birdie, the birdies will slow down right before their racket in the chick
house so they can assist each other to play Ping Pang in the chicken house. In Chinese saying, bright guns easy to
hide, secret arrows are hard to guard. How zombie depends on opponents' level and the birdies. If your partner both
eyes peering the birdie from the beginning to the end, the better chance to survive is let her or he to bat whenever
she or he can reach. The worst players are those go to a badminton club with rackets only, never with birdies. The
worst of worst the player put the birdie beside the court every time but his birdie never has chance to be used. I once
insist someone to present the birdie when my friend mentioned the story at Lee's. Every birdie in his tube he put
beside court is not usable. He had to get one from his bag - even not good one, at least one for years.

None unique strokes - different strokes playing front net and high clear or smash, front stroke without big muscles

Typically, unless a player can stroke actively, he has to better smash or high clear from back or left side of the birdie
if right handed. He can not go backward and stroke good enough. Unless his peers are inferior players he mostly play
doubles only.

A player can be good at singles, not good at doubles as the doubles far more difficult.
Singles, Players pay attention to the motion and distance to four corners of opponent, that is enough. Doubles, the
best chance is to put the shuttlecock somewhere at the gap between two opponents. Players have to run all the time,
to block, to cover, to side by side or front and rear based on offense or defense. The one in front won't worry as the
rear one has to be thoughtful to know what the front one will do next, but the front one has to know what he will do.
What the front one will do? turn head? no, never! If rear one net drop or smash, keep stay front. If rear one high clear,
back to any side as the rear one will go another side. How terrible if when rear one smash or drop, the front one go
backward, or when high clear the front go backward not to one side but to the middle, right towards to the rear one.
Zombie players barely thoughtful because their nerves can never be enough to handle their hassle zombie behaviors.
They fight to get chance to stroke more when both can stroke, stay still in a daze when their partners lost balance.

It is a joke itself when a player cannot play singles but playing doubles.

If you even cannot play singles, how can you play doubles?
Zombie's vocation is to assist enemy, intrude and block similar. Zombie consume extreme energy to torture 5 gram artwork.
Why no one do the same way to the flying discs? There is way to handle flying discs so no one bat the flying discs. Is there
a way to handle the feather birdies instead torture them? That is what the father of modern badminton is going to present.

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