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30天攻克计划  专题2----Government





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雅思备考资料集锦 ******

                        专题2----Government  政府职能

1. allocate money to sth. 拨款给...

实战例句The government will allocate two million dollars to the National Health Service.


2. subsidise sth. (政府) 对某行业给予...补贴

= pay part of the cost of sth. in order to keep prices lower

实战例句In this country, farming is partly subsidised by the government.


3. should implement sth.   carry out 执行

= put a plan into operation

实战例句Government agencies should be encouraged to implement the new system. 


4. 同义表达 put sth. into effect 实施

实战例句To meet this challenge, the following elements were put into effect. (Cambridge IELTS 8) 为了应对这一挑战,下列举措得到了实施。

5. high on the governments agenda 是政府的首要任务

= be one of the most important things that the government want to deal with

实战例句Education is high on the governments agenda.

6. place a high priority on sth. 放在最优先地位

实战例句 The government is placing a high priority on health care reform.


7. a recurring problem 持续出现的问题  recurring 联想 occur“发生就好记忆了

实战例句 The crisis in banking and the high unemployment rate have been two recurring problems in this country. 银行业危机和高失业率是在这个国家持续出现的两大难题。

8. an enduring solution 一个持久有效的解决方案

= a solution whose effects last fora long time

实战例句The protectionist measures (贸易保护主义措施)cannot provide an enduring solution to the economic downturn.


9. impose a burden on sth.  给...造成负担

= have a negative effect on sth.

实战例句 The new proposal will impose a financial burden on taxpayers.


10. budget deficit  预算赤字 (即开支大于收入)

= a budget imbalance in which expenditures exceeded income

government spending / government expenditure  政府开支

实战例句The company had ran a major budget deficit for the first two years before it started to make profit.


11. be at the taxpayers expense 花费纳税人的钱

实战例句This research plan is carried out at taxpayers expense.


12. Low-interest loans  低息贷款

实战例句The World Bank offers long-term low-interest loans and provide technical assistance to more than 100 less-developed countries.

relieve tax burden 减轻税务负担

13. have the authority to do sth. 有授权做某事

= have the official permission to do

be entitled to do sth  有权做某事

实战例句These missions are projects that only the government have the authority to undertake (承担).  这些任务是只有政府才有权承担的工程。

14. formulate (policies, plans, strategies)


15. It is short-sighted to ... 做某事是目光短浅的

= do not consider the likely future effects of sth.

16. safeguard social stability  保障社会稳定

= to protect the stability of the society

Some people argue that international aids promote growth indirectly in less developed countries by safeguarding social stability.

17. International aids  国际援助

实战例句Part of the international aid was not getting through to the refugees.


18. enhance relations between countries  改善国家间关系

实战例句 Joint efforts(共同的努力) to develop eco-tourism can also enhance relations between countries.


19. trade barriers (国家之间的)贸易壁垒

实战例句Some people believe that trade barriers are necessary in order to protect domestic (国内的) industries.

20. have a monopoly of sth.  对某事物占有垄断地位

实战例句 In many countries,  the government has a monopoly of tobacco industrial.

21. national defense 国防

= a nation’s use of military and political power to maintain survival.

22. translate sth. into action

= put sth. into practice 把...付诸行动

23. take stringent / severe measures to ... 采取最严格的措施

实战例句They believe these stringent measures will keep water pollution to a minimum. 他们认为这些严格的措施会把水污染降低到最小。

24. should abolish sth. (政府) 应废除某事

25. underprivileged  弱势群体的

charitable organizations  慈善组织

实战例句 The government should encourage charitable organizations to play a more active role in public service delivery.

26. play a regulatory role in ...  发挥监管者的作用

实战例句It remains highly controversial (有争议的) whether the government should play a regulatory role in this industrial.


regulate and oversee 监督管理

27.hunger and poverty 饥饿与贫困

wealth and prosperity 财富与繁荣

实战例句Some people argue that the more knowledge they have, the greater their wealth and prosperity (will be).


28. Health insurance 健康保险

实战例句In some countries, wealthy citizens are encouraged to be responsible for their own health costs and take out private health insurance.



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