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      A类 & G类 写作 8分实用词汇及短语


the schooling of children      儿童的教育

has an important role to play in...    对...起重要影响

encourage independent learning and problem-solving

are challenged to work through tasks


consolidate their understanding      巩固他们的理解
apply the knowledge      运用所学知识

concepts taught by teachers      老师所教授的理论
at their own pace      以他们的学习节奏

in doing so, ...      如果这样做
develop an independent learning habit    养成独立的学习习惯

there is evidence to support the idea that      有证据支持这一点
is just as beneficial as...                和...一样有益于...

from the perspective of...    从...的角度/立场
brain development              大脑发育

improve educational outcomes    提升教育成效
a necessary aspect of...              是必要因素

internationally  known            国际知名的
create a/an ... environment    创造...环境

to foster good moral character    培养良好的道德品质
pick up their native language      学会母语

acquire a second language          掌握一门第二语言
become proficient                      变得精通

raise generations of children        抚养一代孩子
a positive trait or attitude            优秀的品质和态度

in the realm of education            教育领域
diligently follow instructions        努力遵守规范

take their first steps                    迈出第一步
achieve good grades                  取得优秀成绩

obtain excellent / outstanding academic performance 

certainly has its drawbacks          一定有些缺点

the benefits outweight / outbalance its drawbacks in the long term


the path to a successful career        通往事业成功的道路
in an employment setting              在就业环境中

the most motivated, industrious and committed individuals

rise to the top      达到顶峰

experts in their fields      在他们的领域中是专家
outcompeting others        和他人竞争

an unhealth obsession with social entertainment 

neglect family and relationships      忽略家庭关系
under too much pressure          处于极大压力下
... put stress on employees  ...  给了员工许多压力

stressed and irritable                压力大且暴躁的
mental health / wellbing / soundness  心理健康
a positive trait                        优秀的品质

experience various problems        经历各种各样的问题
considerable numbers of people  相当多的人

intense competition      激烈竞争
oversupply of labor      劳动力过剩

in search of work        找工作
an abundance of working-age adults  劳动力盈余

        social problems

higher rates of poverty                              高的贫困率
rising unemployment rate /  jobless rate    不断增加的失业率

falling living standards                    生活质量下降
traffic congestion                            交通阻塞

overpopulation                                人口过多
aging population                            老龄化问题

fast pace of life                              生活节奏快
high cost of living                            生活成本高

environmental pollution / contamination  环境污染

meet the demand for                              满足...的需求
provision of housing and public services    提供住房和公共服务

rates of crime and antisocial behavior      犯罪率和反社会行为
the needs of ... are not met                      没有达到...的需求

poorer working conditions                        艰苦的工作环境 
bring wages down                                    降低工资

exploit workers                                      剥削工人
forced to migrate abroad                          被迫移居国外

brain drain                                                  人才流失
an exodus of well-qualified young graduates    优秀青年毕业生的大量外流

not a desirable outcome        不可取的结果                     


local residents              当地居民
team practice sessions  团队练习

join the gym                开始健身
hold sports events        举办体育赛事

attract pectators as well as participants        吸引观众和参与者

establish facilities for activities, lessons and clubs 

something fun and productive to do    有趣味和富有成效的事情去做

brighten up the local area and improve their quality of life 

raise public awareness of...    提高对于...的公众意识

realize the environmental impact of household waste

dispose of their waste more responsibly    更负责地处理废弃物

improved the behaviors of houseowners        提高房主行为
create a clean and waste-free environment    创造清洁和 无废弃物的环境

          Act of government

carry out / implement legislation about...    实施 /执行 关于...的法律法规
create strict regulation / policy                    制定严格的政策

a legal obligation      法律义务
act as a deterrent      起威慑作用

just one possible way to tackle the problem   

another tactic that governments could use is... 

encourage people to obey      鼓励人们遵守

penalize offenders who fail to adhere to the law   

law-abiding citizens          守法的公民

put education at the center of a recycling campaign 
利用教育方式 来做好回收活动

recycling facilities and systems            回收设施和系统
packaging for household products        家庭用品的包装

waste is processed more effectively          废弃物得到更有效的处理
opinions differ as to whether ... or not      关于是否... , 大家意见不统一



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